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AQUA MAN and Connecting Creativity

**Caution, video contains strong language**

Connecting Creativity Part II has come and gone, and I couldn't be more pleased with the result.

For those of you unfamiliar with the initiative, Connecting Creativity is an international collaborative show between 5 Irish writers, 5 Irish actors, 5 American writers and 5 American actors. The Irish writers write pieces for the American actors and vice versa. We meet over Skype and collaborate on completely new pieces specifically written for the actor. Performances were simulcast in New York and Dublin, with the actors live or performing on skype depending on location.

This piece was written specifically for Anthony Blake. When we met over Skype, we talked about my interests in magical realism, which he had never performed. He was used to playing the big tough guy, so I wanted to give him some comedy to work with as well. I wrote drafts and he edited and gave input throughout the process. We ended up with a piece that fits him like a glove, and it was a complete team effort.

So thanks, Ant, for making this play shine!

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