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Kyrie - The Hound, or Libera Me - Smoke and Sparrow - ​Deadly Rapture of the Deep


Since early 2008, Reagan has been working on a series of plays, collectively called REQUIEM.  Each play is inspired by, and follows the arc of, a movement in a requiem. 

Kyrie (2009) is the "kyrie" movement for this requiem.  The play is set in a cabin in Michigan's Upper Penninsula during a violent ice storm.  As they shelter in place, a young couple, Dawn and Jeff, battle the storm that is ravaging both their home and their family.  Kyrie has received readings at Hope College (Holland, Michigan), The Samuel Beckett School of Drama: Trinity College, Dublin, and The Breakaway Theatre Project (Dublin, Ireland).

The Hound, or Libera Me (2011) is the "libera me" movement for this requiem.  The Hound, or Libera Me is told from end to beginning.  In it, Hound, a hell hound, comes to collect on the soul of a man who has killed a child.

Smoke and Sparrow (projected Fall 2018) is the "dies irae" movement for this requiem. Smoke and Sparrow is a collaborative piece of theatre, written by Reagan Chesnut and Brandon Ruiter and intended for performance by an ensemble. It is the first play written by the Chesnut/Ruiter team.  It is inspired by the biblical story of Joseph and takes place during the building of the Transcontinental Railroad.

Deadly Rapture of the Deep (in progress)
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